Feature Request: TCO Import & Colors

Hi @charlie and @kory,

I have a feature request which may or may not be possible. Whenever a TCO is imported it brings everything associated with the import, which is great. This includes colors.

However, this can bring issues, if multiple TCOs are imported, as I am sure many web designers do with new website, this can lead to a large number of duplicates of the same colors and with it mangement issues.

For example, if the same brand primary color is created several times by TCO imports (the color could be coming from imports from TCOs from different websites), it can become an issue to understand which version of the color is being used across the new website. This is particularly true if a global color needs to be changed.

Would it be feasible for the TCO import process to check if the colors being imported exisit - checking by RGB or hex code? If it exists, no duplicate color is imported and the existing color is applied to the import.

This request may not be possible, but if it is, it would help keep colors closely managed.

Many thanks,

I can take a look for the next minor release. With how the IDs work it might be a bit of a project, but it’d be nice to take another look at importing templates. Have a great day!

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Thanks @charlie.

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