Feature Request - more page info in Cornerstone "All Documents"

Perhaps it is just me but I struggle with the documents view in Cornerstone.

There are two things that I come across time and again.

  • Clients create duplicate pages which are kept as drafts (or even I do this sometimes to create a back up before editing the page or whatever.)
  • We have sites where we have pages with the same name but attached to a parent page.

Both of these result in the same issue which is a ton of pages all with the same name but we have no idea which page is which. As the builder takes time to load a page this is a pain point as I need to open multiple pages with the same name before I can find the page I want to edit.

Would it be possible to indicate if a page is published or a draft and show the path to the page. Even if we could hover over the name and get a tool tip of sorts that just shows the page parent or path and publish status.


Yes please, this would be helpful.

We can definitely look at getting that added. Have a great day


Thanks for adding the draft info.

If possible can we also show the parent page if the page has a parent?

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I see a request from this from last year. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s as straight forward as adding in “draft”, but I can keep it in mind. Have a great day.

Showing the “draft” is super helpful so thanks again for that.

With regards to the parent is it not possible to expose the permalink. Even just in a title so we can see more info on hover or something.