Feature Request: Animate Anything on Scroll


Now you have the functionality to create animations for elements as they appear/disappear in/from the viewport. It is not quite correctly named Scroll (https://theme.co/docs/effects-module#scroll), but in fact the animations are not tied to the scroll, they are tied to the appearance and hiding of the element in the viewport. It’s a great clever feature if you want to make simple cute animations. But for building intricate complex animations, a completely different functionality is missing.

Please introduce functionality for linking actions specifically to a scrolling event.

That is, it should be possible to set an element of animation stages, the passage of which will be tied to the progress of scrolling of its container. Separately, I note: this functionality should be abstract enough to support “animation” of not only simple geometric values such as position and angle of rotation, but also any entities where there is a progression of values. For example: when scrolling: playing video, changing frames of a sequence of images, rotating 3D model, etc.

At the moment, there are a sufficient number of third-party libraries that make it possible to implement this functionality, but they require a separate connection and writing code, which negatively affects the speed, dependencies and subsequent support of the created solution.

Here is an example of such libraries for additional understanding of the requested extension of functionality:

Existing builders have solved this problem with varying success. Some of them have it partially, some don’t have it at all.
Here are builders who have implemented such functionality:

  • Elementor (demonstration), the most complete functionality for geometric movement, there is no possibility, for example, to play video or sequence of photos when scrolling.
  • Divi (demonstration), not a bad implementation, unfortunately also supports only geometric transformations

My suggestion: introduce such functionality starting with the implementation as in Elementor or Divi, but laying the base code with the expectation of expansion, so that things like https://scrollmagic.io/examples/expert/image_sequence.html are logical updates after a short period of time.
This is extremely useful functionality and will allow you to ultimately boast that your builder can build even very complex promo sites out of the box (https://www.apple.com/iphone-13-pro/), while we can happily use and praise your product, buying more and more licenses for clients or business needs.


Hey @skripkin,

Thanks for reaching out!

I’ll add this to our feature request tracker so that it will be taken into action in the future.


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