Feature request: Add system-ui Font Support to System fonts

Hi @charlie!

Pro’s Font Manager is an excellent tool, yet there’s a simple enhancement that could make it even better: the inclusion of System UI fonts. (This is not the same as the already listed system fonts).

Currently, when selecting Google fonts, Pro’s Font Manager lists Roboto, which is an UI system font. However, Roboto is only a default system font for Android devices. For other operating systems, like MacOS and iOS, Roboto is an external font, as their native system font is San Francisco. Similarly, Windows uses Segoe UI as its system font, etc.

To leverage the aesthetic and performance benefits of native fonts across different operating systems, I suggest implementing the following CSS property:

font-family: system-ui, sans-serif;

This approach is just like using traditional system fonts like Arial, but with the added benefit of using the best-looking font specific to each operating system.

In practice, this would mean simply listing System UI among the other system fonts.



Never heard of this font family, but I played around with it and think we can add it in pretty easily. Thanks for the suggestion and info. Have a great weekend.

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It’s not a font family really, but rather the standard font used by the operating system. Nicely explained here: