Ethos X Child theme style.css line. Keep or remove?


I still have the code snippet:
@import url( ‘…/x/framework/css/dist/site/stacks/ethos.css’ );

As a part of my Ethos X Child theme style.css. As instructed by you guys back a few years ago. However, I now noticed that this seems to generate a file called " ethos.css’ " which Pingdom Tools is telling me is slowing down the site!

Should I remove this line or change it in any way? See the screenshot from Pingdom.



Hello Martin,

Thanks for asking. Hope you’re having a great day. :slight_smile:

I ran a test on Pingdom and can see an entry for ethos.css. I see that the file is around 26kb. I am sharing the test link URL.!/ckcdRC/

I my view, you have the option to keep the website as it is. It seems that you are not using any cache plugins or optimization services on the website. I suggest you to take a look at plugins like W3 total cache and then review our performance optimization guide to further speed up the load time.

On the other hand, please note that you are using quite old version of child theme. You have the option to download and setup the new child theme. And in the same order create the directories and then move ethos.css. You can delete the old child theme after taking a backup. I am sharing the link of child theme that you can use to download. I am also sharing link to the guide that will assist you in setting up the child theme.

Let us know how it goes.


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