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I use the Ethos Stack and the X-Pro theme. I am having some difficulties with my Blog Page. As I understand it , the Blog Page ( I have it set tone static page) is a Wordpress and not an Ethos X-Pro page. The formatting of the individual posts is extremely bad , tiny font in the body, and crappy picture presentation etc.

Ho do I go about editing my post page to ensure that I obtain the best presentation that I can. I am not a programer or anything like that.

I have used the Ethos Theme to change things as much as possible however it doesn’t deal with the crappy individual posts and font and colour for that matter.



Hey Bill,

I checked your site but it’s in Coming Soon mode. Would you mind providing us with WordPress Admin access in a Secure Note so we could check your setup and the issue?


hi is this the secure note

Hi Bill,

You can change the font color and font size of your post content under Theme Options > Typography

For more information kindly refer to the links below.

Hope that helps

Paul it worked thanks. The other issue I have is working with the Blog Page itself . Can I assume that it is a WP format working within the Themeco Ethos stack? If so how do I change its presentation if I can at all???



Hello There,

The blog index page is already designed with the theme. You can display the standard layout or the masonry layout. Please be advised that you cannot edit the blog index using Cornerstone or even using the default WP editor because WordPress will dynamically generate contents for the blog index. The layout were already built in the theme. You can change some of the options for your blog index in X > Theme Options > Ethos > Blog Options and in X > Theme Options > Blog.

And if ever you want to have a static home page and a custom blog index page, please check out this codex:

Hope this helps.

Thankyou appreciated

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

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