Ethos demo question


How do I add more links in the top of ethos and then direct them to pages?

I would like to add an ‘about’ and ‘contact’ page on the top.


Hello Chris,

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I see a coming soon/under-construction page active on the website. However, I am assuming that you are looking to add more links to the navigation area.

You can add more link from Appearance > Menus. For more information, please take a look at following tutorial.



Ok, when I went to menus, I selected my previous menu instead of the x them menu. That brought in all my menu items. However, there was some other spot that I found within the x theme that allowed me to switch between the x theme menu and my original menu. I think it was part of the cornerstone software. Where was that?

Also, is there no way to add hyperlinks to text or photos on the main home page? Or add a button that would perhaps take you to a specific blog post? I want to use the home page as a means to invite people to look at other items.

Hello Chris,

In Appearance > Menus, select the menu and then you will have to assign it as your Primary menu or Footer Menu in the menu settings.

Once the menu is selected, it will then appear as your Primary menu or for the footer menu. Unless otherwise, you are using one page navigation, then you will have to replace the menu in the page settings. For more details, please check this out:

In ethos demo, the homepage is just a blog index. If you want to add more texts and photos wherein you can link it to respective pages and posts, you will have to create a custom page and then set it as your home page. Please check out this link:

Hope this helps.

Ok, that helped. Thanks

When Im in the editor layout pages. I dont see anywhere to change the hyperlinks that are set up in the demos. Im trying to learn how to work with this software so i can build the homepage. I can easily add basic things like a background photo or an image that goes into a placeholder. However, how do i change the linking?


Hello Chris,

Are you still referring to the Ethos 1 demo content homepage? Most of the items in the homepage links to its respective single blog posts since the homepage itself is the blog index. You cannot change the links for the post items.

If you are creating a custom page in Cornerstone for your homepage, you will need to insert an image and some text elements and then linked it a page, post or where you want it to link with. Simply click the element for example and image element and you’ll find an option to insert the link as shown below:

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

Very helpful thanks!

Im currently using Icon 8 with a renew stack. Im trying to create a home page that invites viewers into the site to look at more content. Im having challenges with the layout in respect to sizing. Im not sure if there is a normal process or order. Meaning, does one first put in a cell, then add an element, then an image with a link?

In the ethos 3 page theres is nice spacing and design for the featured dishes section. They use three dishes and the type layout is nicely balanced.

I have three sections of my portfolio. Passion projects, feed me tv and newsday. Im trying to have it be a similar layout to the ethos 3 dishes sections, and have the images be linked to the portfolio.

Can you look at my home page? See how the images are all different sizes and different spacing? Whats the best way to fix this for my portfolio section (middle section showing feedmetv), the design, so it mimics ethos 3.


Hello Chris,

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Your first set of images were inserted in one column only.

The second set of images were inserted individually inside a three column row with the Marginless Column option turn on in the row settings.

The last set which is the blog is using recent posts element.

For the first and second sets, you can link to portfolio items by adding each of the link within the image settings as what I have shown in my previous reply.

If you want to use the recent posts element, you can also have an option to display portfolio items instead of the post. All you have to do is to duplicate the entire section 3 (The Blog). You can then edit it to display “The Portfolio” and then in your recent posts element settings you select portfolio items like this:

Hope this helps.

ok, so how is the ethos 3 dishes section built? What is the first element, second and so on? Its hard to tell how to properly build up a section, meaning the proper layoring.


Hi Chris,

Dishes section consist of two Cornerstone sections. First section has Custom Headline element and a Text element.

To center both elements, you can assign the class center-text into your Column -> Customize section.

The second section divided into 3 Columns. Each column has the Image element, Custom Headline element and Text element.

You can also use the Gap element to create space between elements.

Hope that helps.

Ok, helping. thanks

I first added a classic element with three rows. Inside these rows I adding an image element by dragging it into the row. I was then able to click on the grey box and add a photo.

Im now trying to drag in a text and headline element below and above the photos. However, the program wont let me drag in these elements. How do I add other elements such as text, headline, buttons ect?

Also, in the element widow I see that there is a star to the right of the elements. You can highlight it or not. What is the star for?


I think Im figuring it out.

Where do I change the font type for the word BLOG on the home page. Portfolio, About, Contact and Blog on the individual pages? I was able to change letters from lower to uppercase inside wordpress, while not using cornerstone for the portfolio page. However, I dont see a spot for font type.


Hi Chris,

I see that you have done it correctly :slight_smile:

Please refer to our Font Manager article here ( with regard to changing fonts.

For non-cornerstone elements, those fonts are derived from the font settings under your X -> Theme Options -> Typography area.

So basically when you set a new font in your Font Manager, you can then set it for your heading for example, under Theme Options.

Hope that helps.

Yes sir! Thanks, all coming along nicely

Im having a problem with my portfolio page. Im trying to edit it with cornerstone. This is the error message.

“uh oh, no suitable preview area found. This could happen with a third party plugin is overriding the content area”

Ive deactivated most of my plugins. However, it didnt solve the error message. Any idea how I can fix this?


Hi Chris,

Since you already did some troubleshooting and there is no cache or CDN but still the same, them maybe we could directly check what’s going on with the builder. May I know the site’s admin login credentials? You may provide in the secure not as well as the URL where this happens.

Though, if you’re editing the home page then it’s not really possible. All indexes like blog, portfolio, archives, and so on are not editable within the builder as the content is auto-generated for listing.


Hey Chris,

I’d first point out that you’ve posted your credentials publicly. Please note that public forum threads are open to search engines and if a malicious person sees your credentials, he/she might go in and deface your site.

With that said, please change your credentials now and always post sensitive information in a Secure Note

Regarding your question, you can’t add a slider to the Portfolio page as it’s not editable either by Cornerstone or the default WordPress editor.

What you can do here is use one of our bundled grid plugins to display your portfolio or any post type. You can just then build a page using the Content Builder and add either the Essential Grid or The Grid element in the page and reorder the elements. For more details about the plugins and their usage, please see the items below:

Hope that helps.


Were you able to remove the credentials from the public email?



Hey Chris,

Yes, I’ve removed your credentials.

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