Ethos demo home page

Hi, I want to emulate the exact look of the ethos demo home page on my site:

However, my “demo content” doesn’t seem to be working or allow for an easy way to do this. Can you please just send me the raw HTML and i’ll paste it into the page?

Also, same goes for the drop-down menus - how do i implement those?

I bought the theme hoping i would get all of this out of the box - really want an easy way to do both.,

Tec Timmy

Hi Timmy,

Thanks for reaching out.

It’s not HTML but posts, you’ll have to create posts for it to be displayed. And then configure the filterable index setting. Please check this under Filterable index section, it was old but should be still the same in Theme Options instead of Customizer.


This is not the answer to my question at all. I want to get the exact look of the Ethos 1 demo home page. Right now, my home page is completely blank. How do I get there to add the

  • slider of blog posts
  • all of the stuff under filter by topic - list of posts
  • featured post - like these shoes are made for walking in ethos 11
  • custom widget bar on right

I need to know how to add this stuff to my home page. I thought it would come with the demo content but no.


Hi Tim,

Thank you for writing in, please follow the guide provided here.

Hope it helps,

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