Estimation & Payment Forms Builder Payment button doens't work

Hi ,

I bought the theme x the theme with your plugin integrated until last month all was ok but after the last plugin update, the payment button in the last step of my form doesn’t work.

I have already deactivated and reactivated the plugin and deactivated all the other plugins in order to know if it could be an incompatibility issue with the other plugins but it doesn’t

Please could you help me

Hey @asociacionbb,

I see you previously posted the same thread here: Urgent- Estimation & Payment Forms Builder Payment doens't work after the last update.

I understand this might be urgent but please kindly wait for our reply and not post the same topic threads nor bump your threads.

Please kindly wait for our response. We’ll surely get to your thread.

Also, please do not update your website right away. Always have a copy of your site to test the update so your live site’s operation will not get affected if there are update conflicts. Follow our update guide here