Essential Grid Instagram Feed does not update stream automatically, only by manually clearing cache


I have entered a value of 606024 into the Stream Cache (sec) but this plugin is never refreshed unless I go into the back end and do it manually by hitting the button Clear Cache right next to this input field.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? It seems like an easy-to-use feature that simply doesn’t work.



Hi There,

Thanks for writing in! Could you please try utilizing the recommended caching plugin by X ( and see if that resolves your issue.


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Thanks for your reply! I host my site with SiteGround and they strongly suggest using their proprietary caching plugin as opposed to W3 Cache.

They provide a public WP function to refresh the dynamic cache programatically - do you know if Essential Grid provides a way to make it call this cache-clearing function when it refreshes it’s cache (server-side of course)?

Thanks again,


Hi Eric,

I have checked their documentation and seems no function or instruction that will allow us to call certain function on specific event on this case clearing it’s own cache.

From the Global Settings page, is Use Own Caching System setting set to On? Sometimes, the issue might be because of multiple caching. It is like caching an already cache content.

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