Essential grid Add to Basket not updating the navbar cart in xtheme woocommerce

Hi guys,

we are experiencing issue with navbar cart not being updated by clicking Add to Basket button within the essential grid woocommerce product element. When basket is opened then the product is there, however we would like to achieve a dynamic update of the navbar cart.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hello Michal,

Thanks for reaching out. Please be advised that the navbar cart does not work dynamically with the Essential Grid. The Essential Grid plugin works independently. The navbar cart will only display the correct details if you refresh the page or when you go to the cart page or other pages.

Best Regards.

Hi guys,

We have come across another issue.

When updating product quantity in basket itself, nav cart doesn’t reflect those updates either dynamically.

What I have to do is refresh the page with f5 to see the changes in nav cart.

Can you please advise us asap.

I can send you a link to the staging site.

Hi Michal,

The Navbar Cart isn’t AJAX enabled so you really need to refresh the page to get the updated value in it. This issue has been already added to our issue tracker for further investigation by our development team.
If you are using the X theme, you can upgrade to Pro and use the Cart elements such as the Cart Items and Cart Total have the AJAX feature and add it to the Custom Header to use for similar purposes.

Please find the link on how to upgrade the X to Pro:

Hope it helps.

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