Error cornerstone slider element not moving

hello, this is bean an issue that ive spend on manny hrs.
for some reason the slider element are not functioning on my site.
they don’t move from side to side at all.
i assuming that is an error with your slider elements since I’ve been avoiding using them on any xtheme designed website that im building.

Hey Gilan,

It’s because you’ve set your slider to Marquee. That setting is good for automatic slider with slides continually sliding. The correct setting for your case is Interval Autoplay and Carousel Wrap

this isnt working
im building website with pro since 2018 this is a bug


Hey Gilan,

The first slider on your site works. Please review my screenshot.

You’re now referring to the Classic Sliders. I’ve replicated the issue on my site so yes, I believe it’s a bug if your site is in RTL language. If you use LTR language like English, it works.

There is no solution for the issue so I’m going to post this case in our issue tracker so this will be queued to be investigated by our development team.

Please stay tuned for updates.


Unfortunately im very disappointed that you can’t Fix it.
Im working with cornerstone for few (sine 2018) years and it’s still not been taking care off.
Im always bypass this issue with other alternatives.
But this issue and others related to forms are making it nonfunctional for my future website development project

If you can give me costume code that will bypass the issue it will be good.

Hey Gilan,

If there is a simple code or solution, we will provide it right away. In this case, regretfully, there is currently no solution.

Please use the Slider element for now, as it is working for RTL sites. Replace your Classic Sliders with the V2 or non-classic Slider element.

Thank you for understanding.

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