ERROR: A conflict on the front end

Hello Support Team,

I’m getting the following message every time I try to edit my page via cornerstone.

"A conflict on the front end of your site has prevented the preview from loading."

All plugins were deactivated and cache cleared. Still issue exist preventing me from ANY modification of every single page.


Can anyone help me?

Hi Bart,

Your site is not loading when I check.

We do have a recent update that improve error messaging. Please check our changelog here:

This article might also help you:

For future reference, please do not bump your thread. We are answering from oldest to newest. Bumping the thread pushed it back on the queue.


The page is working. Please check.
Plugins checked. Still no cornerstone preview available.

Would you please use login data I have provided and check the issue.

I have also second page working on X theme and it also stopped working since last theme UPDATE in preview mode. No changes from my side. The problem is caused by Theme update 100%. Please solve it and help my page be editable again.

Thank you!


Hello @quanto,

Unfortunately on my end also your website is not loading and because it’s not loading I am unable to check the website and troubleshoot the problem you are facing. Please see screenshot

Do you have a country based IP blocking system running on the server as I ran a test on and the test result is same?

Kindly let us know once the issue is resolved in regards to the website not loading and we will be happy to assist you further.

On a friendly note, it’s my humble request not to bump the ticket as it slows down the response time. We answer tickets from oldest to newest and the moment you bump ticket it goes back into the queue and effect response time.

Thanks for understanding.

Web page is working with no problem. Please check it and answer my question from the first post in this thread.
Thank you.

Hi Quanto,

We love to help you, but we need to investigate what is causing the issue first and we can not do that if we can not check the site, please see the screenshot below that is what we are seeing when we try to access your site.

Please check the address you provided above, maybe there is a typo error in there. And please confirm that there is no IP/Country restriction on your site because we are from different parts of the world.

That error you have above is in our Popular Questions page, please read the 3rd question and do the solutions provided.


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