Email form x mailchimp issue

somehow there is no value in the drop down for me to select.

Hello @barkmall,

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Please make sure you have created the form and set up the Mailchimp account properly. In case if it is not working, we need to check your settings, please share your details in a secure note. Please provide the following details

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts


We have searched the document and didn’t found any where else to setup the mailchimp integration with email form / wordpress. Please enlighten us.

Hi Mei,

Please see the following screenshot

See the About section on the right side for more details.

Also, the full documentation is here: Setting Up Email Forms

When you integrate your MailChimp account properly, your Email list should show here

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thanks i finished the setup and can successfully submit the form now. However, i found the member subcribed in email form is with status “pending” in mailchimp, which will make also those member hidden in the mailchimp panel. I believe this is not the expect result.

Below is a screen cap that i manually call mailchimp api to get the member info after subscription with email form. You can see the status is pending.

Hi Mei,

Sorry, but we can not provide support for MailChimp side of things as we are not familiar with it. Please contact their support.

Base on what you describe it seems your list is set up to have a Double opt-in setting.

Thank you for understanding,

The api is sent from “email form”, and the api param inside should updated in email form code.

The mailchimp doc you shared, also stated that only mailchimp signup form will applicable for option in setting, i believe “email form” is calling mailchimp api directly instead of using mailchimp signup form feature. But, there part can only confirmed by your team.

Hi Mei,

My colleague is correct here, we are not familiar with the Mailchimp status which you are talking about. I would suggest you contact the Mailchimp support on this and let us know the feedback from them.


Why do we still need to contact Mailchimp? I already tested and found mailchimp api support both active / pending subscripted creation. It is just an API param. I tested with postman and it can create an active subscriber if using the correct param. Even me can confirm there is nothing wrong with mailchimp, their api document is public and all good, i already tested it, why do you expect mailchimp to answer?

The only question here is - whether the “Email form” is managed or not managed by theme co? If yes, can you confirm which approach you are using to create subscriber in mailchimp?

Hi Mei,

I have investigated it further and found that there is an option you need to enable on General > Settings > Opt-In New Users. Please ensure that no other plugin is connected with the Mailchimp on your website.

Hope it helps.

Still not ok, after enabling this option, cannot find the subscriber for both mailchimp panel and mail get member api.

Can i ask if it is working in your environment?

Hey Mei,

Try skipping the Double Opt-In in the form settings also.


The default setup works on my end so there’s most probably a problem with your Mailchimp account.


If you have custom fields, try adding them in the form settings.


Hope that helps.

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