Easiest way to add script

How do you add this script to xtheme? I only need it on one page:

<script class="nqwq vkjV" type="text/javascript" src="//wq.ninjaquoter.com/vkjVAWo7zAXgTNWnf4GRx9c3.js" async></script>

Hello @jt191807,

Thanks for writing in! Since you only need to use the JS script on the mentioned page, you can make use of the Raw Content element. Any of this element should display any output of the JS script.

To learn more about the raw content element, please check this out:

It won’t populate on the website but populates on other themes.

Hi @jt191807,

I am not sure what you mean by it is not populating. This is a third-party script and is outside of our support scope if there is any conflicts.

Would you please kindly give us more detailed information to know the problem cause? We might be able to help identify the issue.

Thank you.

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