Duplicating Website

Can someone tell me how to duplicate one of my websites so I can use it as a template for another site I’m adding soon? I want to use this template: www.musicfoodbrew.com

Hello @jhayles,

Thanks for writing in! Once you have your new site, you can use the All in One WP Migration plugin so that you can clone one of your sites and use it as a template for the new site. Please check this out:

Best Regards.

Thanks. I’ll work on that. When I “add a new site” for my PRO Hosted plan, do I choose the option of “transfer existing site”? I bought the domain through GoDaddy, but it’s not a live site. And I want to host it with Themeco. I’m not sure what option to choose…

Hello @jhayles,

Thanks for the updates. Regretfully, the Pro hosted is only available for a single site. If you have purchased a new domain and want to use Pro hosted, you will have to purchase a new Pro Hosted plan for this new domain.


I purchased the plan that gives me up to 5 sites. I’m trying to start the site www.taxcorrector.net but it won’t give me my credentials.It’s been hours… Is that normal?

Hello @jhayles,

If that is the case, you can simply click the “Add New Site” button and our Hosting Support staff will set up your new site.

If you have done it already, please wait a moment. Your new site will be live shortly.

Best Regards.

It still has not posted my credentials. I added the site more than 24 hours ago…

Hey There,

Your hosting environment is now setup and ready to be used. We do not provision new sites over the weekend. If you need any help with your hosting feel free to reach out at any time.

I set up the site, began to upload my other site’s files to this new one (because I want the same layout and functionality) but the upload stalled toward the end, and now I’m getting the attached Wordpress error when I try to log in…

Is anyone here?

Hey There,

You were using an old version of Pro that had a bug that was causing this. I’ve updated the theme to the latest version manually and now the site loads fine.

Thanks! I downloaded the most recent version of the site that I want to duplicate. However, when I try to upload the site it always stalls out at 80% (see screenshot). Any suggestions on how to fix that?

Now I’m getting the attached error code for the new website I’m trying to do, and it won’t let me do anything on the website…

Hi @jhayles,

The issue on your new website is you have an outdated theme. I went ahead and manually install the latest Pro theme and you are now good to go.

Hope that helps.

Okay. Do I need to download a fresh version of the site I want to duplicate? Or was the outdated theme an issue with the new site (Tax Corrector)?

It’s still not working. See attachments. It stalled at 83%.

What’s going on with this?

I’m sorry to keep writing, but I’m in a hurry to get this site up, and it’s been a while. Is someone available to help me?

Hey @jhayles,

We’re sorry for the delay. I have fixed your site now by manually installing the latest version of Pro.

If the issue happens again, try reinstalling the latest version of Pro. The process is the same as the manual update detailed in our article here https://theme.co/docs/how-to-update#how-to-perform-a-manual-update

Hope that helps.

I don’t think we’re on the same page…

  1. I’m trying to duplicate www.musicfoodbrew.com and use that same layout for another site that’s hosted with ThemeCo: www.taxcorrector.net
    However, every time I try to upload the downloaded site using the suggested WP All-in-one migration tool, it gives me those error codes and locks me out of the site.

  2. On the MusicFoodBrew site, I have this message at the top saying the Theme is not validated:

Does it make sense now what I’m trying to do?

Also, on the Tax Corrector site it has Cornerstone installed, but I paid for a PRO account, up to 5 sites. Why is Cornerstone there?