Downloaded Ethos theme 1 and promptly lost my demo home page content

The content is all missing for my home page and the menu is all screwed up. Your instructions said i wouldn’t lose my content. Why does the download overwrite on top of existing pages. Most of the demo pages don’t seem to work either.

Hey @shellison,

Demo import will not overwrite the pages you created. It sounds like you built on top of a demo page. Demo page/post titles begin with Demo:. Let’s say you have imported Integrity 1 demo first. It’s page title is Demo: Home and is set as static front page. If you modified that page and then imported another demo, it will get deleted or replaced by another Demo: Home because as stated in our Demo Content article:

To save a demo page, the title must be renamed. Please feel free to tell us if this process got you confused though or you were expecting a different process.

I’m sorry but I’m not sure what exactly is the issue here. Would you mind providing more details and screenshots?


Thanks for your response.

Yes, I guess that is what happened. Not a very user friendly design. The warning I was provided when I went to download another demo was specifically that NO content or pages would be deleted. The warning that should have been provided was that Prior demo pages WOULD be overwritten and they needed first to be renamed to be retained before downloading a new demo. If your system had been well designed, actually, you would have provided each demo with slightly different page names so they don’t overwrite others.

I thought the point of all your demos was to be able to try out different themes with a website so people can compare their site. If downloading more than one just overwrites and destroys earlier ones, it kinda makes it meaningless.

Your setup notice above btw is incomprehensible.

As for my second issue, my menu disappeared in the latest demo and was replaced with new tabs that actually weren’t in the theme. Having to recreate my menu is a pretty long and tedious step to “trying” out different demos themes. Other issues: the Ethos1 template has the slider on top. When I downloaded the theme, it no longer had that. I had to hunt around to figure out where to turn it on. The News page doesn’t have anything in it (not sure where that page came from as it doesn’t seem to be in the theme). Also the Portfolio tab is a new one, not in Ethos. Finally it looks like Ethos and many of the templates are based on blog postings but i can’t figure out how to set up the pages to enter a new blog entry. There doesn’t seem to be a template page for the blog entry that flows to the portfolio, news, or slider pages. I can’t seem to find any good step-by-step instructions for using these templates either.

I use Cornerstone specifically because I am far from being an expert in wordpress and html. I would guess that most of your customers are like me, reasonably technical but not programmers. You need to create your program so that it is more user friendly for less technical people adn provide more step-by-step instructions.


Hi there,

Thank you for your comment and we will communicate with our development team regarding the messaging of the demo content regarding this case scenario.

Please kindly consider that the Demo content is not meant to be added to each other, this will really have negative effects during the course of time. I strongly suggest that you do not add multiple demo content in one installation. If you want to only test the stuff then you can import a demo and test but you can not decide to have another demo in the middle of the project and after the changes you had. Always reset the WordPress installation with a plugin like this one and test for another demo.

Now in this case you need to do the same. If you do not want to lose your changes and content I suggest that you install another WordPress and test the demo there. You can always have up to 2 installations validated with one purchase key. You can add 2 addresses to the Production and Staging section of your Themeco Dashboard Licenses page.

Then you can validate the second one and import the demo for your testing purposes.

Now, to have all the Post and Portfolio sections in question please install a fresh WordPress and then import the demo.

Also please read about portfolios and other aspects of the product here in our KB:

Thank you.

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