Downloaded Demo Content.... Now what

Hello support,

How would I go about customizing and creating pages, home-page content and layout, setting up categories with content?.

Hello @wanderlust,

Thanks for asking and choosing X Theme. :slight_smile:

As you are going to develop first website with WordPress, I suggest you to watch few videos just to get started with WordPress CMS. My recomendation would be to install WordPress on a localhost and play with various settings and configurations.,

By now you should have a better understanding of WordPress and next step is to install X Theme. To install X Theme, we have published article in our knowledge base that you can refer.

Upon installing X Theme I suggest you to validate the theme and after that import demo contents. You can refer following articles to get started with theme validation and importing demo contents.,

X Theme comes with easy to use and powerful page builder tool, Cornerstone. Cornerstone can be used to design user friendly layouts. To get started with Cornerstone please watch our introductory video:

All this should give you a fair bit of idea to get started with the website development. I also suggest you to invest additional time in our knowledgeable as it has bunch of helpful resource that will assist you to while developing website.

Having said that, should you face any issue while developing website please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will try our level best to assist you.



I have several experience with Wordpress and even templates.

right now, I can’t import the theme exactly as integrity-1. I also get an error importing XML content.

Do you have any documentation to import exactly the same text and images from demos?

this link is one which is not working.


As stated on the link provided by my colleague.

Notes About Demo Content

It should be noted that demo content may not look exactly like our demo websites for numerous reasons. One of the biggest reasons for this is the fact that much of our content is either created by us directly or licensed specifically to us, so it is not available for redistribution (i.e. images, videos, et cetera). That being said, there are many great websites available such as PhotoDune or GraphicRiver where you can readily purchase premium content for use in your own sites. The demo content is meant to be used as a way to quickly setup the framework or structure of your site, making it quick and easy for you to swap out imges and text with your own material.


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