Download failed. A valid URL was not provided


I entered one of the sites that I have with the PRO theme. When I try to update the theme, update or install any of the plugins, I’m receiving different errors every time: Download failed. A valid URL was not provided. or The site is experiencing technical difficulties.

This has never happened before with any of the sites I manage. I checked another site that I also have with the PRO theme and it’s the exact same thing with the same error messages. I can’t do anything to update the theme or plugins. I haven’t tried editing the headers, footers or any other content for the fear of messing something up that’s gonna break the site or something worse.

I haven’t experienced something like this before in all of my years working with both X and PRO. I checked some old forum posts for help but didn’t find any info that could help. Is this happening only to me or is there a bug that may be causing this issue?

Hi @erwinanjc,

Thank you for writing in, there are issues like this in the past but only to specific extensions like WPBakery Page Builder.

Your case is a unique one as it all happens to all extensions and even the extension images are not showing up. Can you confirm these things:

If you can confirm that and still having the issue, please reinstall the PRO theme (there might be a corrupted file on your current installation), you can get a fresh copy of PRO here.

Let us know how it goes,

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