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I have a license that i bought 2015 and used visual composer as the page builder but now want to convert to cornerstone. I know there is no conversion so I want to build a new site and manually convert the pages.

I will setup a new domain as a temporary measure to create new site, can I use the same license and upgrade it to pro, as it has a free upgrade, whilst keeping the old site live?

Any help much appreciated.

Hello @joenineo,

Thanks for writing in!

You can upgrade the X Theme licence to Pro Theme and then use the same to develop the new website. On the live site, you can continue using X Theme, it’s just that the validation will have issues as it’s X Theme licence and you have upgraded to Pro licence. I suggest you to please take a look at following resource for more information:


Thanks for the quick response. The issue I have is that the original site was my first site with Theme X and I didn’t use a child theme.

I have tried to upgrade to the latest Theme X but the the site breaks because of really old modifications. Rather than fix these issues, which could take a while as would have to remember what I did, I want to do a fresh install in a development environment of the latest theme x and create a copy of old site using the child theme . Is that possible?

Once I am happy the new site works and i make it live I could then upgrade to pro, does that make sense and is that possible?

Hi @joenineo,

Yes, that is possible, or better if you use the PRO building the new site from the start, rather than using X and upgrading it to PRO later.

You can leave your current live site invalidated, you’re not going to update it anyways so that should be fine.

Hope this shed some lights,

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