Dc:term:name post= not working

If i want to get the name and url anywhere on the page from a specific term it should be

{{dc:term:name post="5"}}
{{dc:term:url post="5"}}


But it outputs nothing. And this query is not in an looper

Hi @Regnalf,

Thanks for reaching out.
I have checked and found the same problem in my local environment. I suspect this could be a bug on the latest version theme and have reported it to the developers for investigation.


Hi @Regnalf,

I wanted to followup here to let you know we have corrected this issue. Thanks for reaching out about it. It was a discrepancy between the Dynamic Content UI that generates those statements, and the parser that converts the string into the correct output. Using your example above, you can get it to work now if you adjust the statements to use term instead of post:

{{dc:term:name term="5"}}
{{dc:term:url term="5"}}

This will be working properly in the next update.

Thanks a lot, that works fine.

But i have another problem with that, the dynamic content don’t show up in wordpress search results. Could it be possible the dynamic content is not processed while searching?

Hello @Regnalf,

Do you have a custom layout for the search results page or you are just relying on the default search results pages? In most cases, the dynamic content will not be rendered on the default search results page. Would you mind providing us the URL or your link to a search results page?

Best Regards.

I’ve using a custom pro layout for search results (look for “Suche”, and i’m added login in secure note).

And “Lenziade” ist for example a category i’ve changed to load as dynamic content. But i have lot more dynamic content used all over the site. You should find “Lenziade” even on the starting page.

Hello @Regnalf,

The given credentials are not working for us. The password seems incorrect.

Please double-check so we can log in and check your layout.


Sorry, must be a mistake while creating the user, the credentials works now.

Hey @Regnalf,

We’re sorry for the confusion. WordPress search only searches the WP Content, not the frontend generated content so whether you created the search page using Pro Layout or the default Search Page, you won’t be able to search the DC content.

The only way for your page to be seen in the search result is if you add text manually using a Text element or any element that would be generated in the WP Content via the cs_content_seo shortcode. You can learn more about that in this thread Search is not showing everything

Hope that helps.

Ok, thanks for explaining the functionality, I figured it would be something like that.

And thanks again for the info regarding category shortcode.

You’re welcome, @Regnalf.

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