Search is not showing everything

Hi there,

I set up a custom search page. It is working almost perfectly.
However the query is not searching in hidden contents like accordions and tabs.

For example the word ‘videobellen’ is mentioned in a accordeon but that page is not showing up in the results.

How can fix it so it will show up?

Thx in advanced.

Hi @Marco,

Thanks for reaching out.
The WordPress searches only the content within the page, whereas the Accordion content is not stored in the WordPress Content area. The Accordion content along with all the content of the builder is stored in the Post Meta which the WordPress Search Engine couldn’t scan.

To search the content from the Post Meta, you need a 3rd Party plugin or custom development which, regretfully, we cannot provide further help with.

Our development team is already aware of this limitation and that we’re finding a way for the content to be visible for SEO plugins and WordPress search.


Hi Tristup,

Thx for your fast response. I hope there is a fix soon :slight_smile:

Hi Tristup,

I noticed that content in accordions are showing up in search results however content and accordions inside globalblocks are not. How can I fix that?

Hey @Marco,

The Accordion or any element that has cs_content_seo output would be searchable because they are outputted in the content area of a WordPress Post. Tristup said above that the WordPress search engine can only search the content area.

The Global Block doesn’t have cs_content_seo output so it can’t be searched.

There’s currently no solution, regretfully.

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Ok. Does it also effects SEO scores?

Hey Marcus,

No, it won’t. Google sees the live page with the actual markup. The cs_content_seo is just to make the content available for WordPress internally.

I believe this will still be improved though so please stay tuned for future updates.


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