DC Strangeness in Pro 6.5.1

I can’t think of any other term to explain this but strangeness.

I just updated to Pro 6.5.1 and noticed that one of my components on my homepage (theegeneration.org) stopped working. It was acting as if the dynamic content was not being passed to it. The string that was in the parameter was {{dc:post:meta key="_x_audio_mp3"}}, which returns the MP3 file from my post I use to populate the audio player in my component. The exact same component instance was working fine in another place with the same dynamic content string being fed to it on the Single Layout version of the post.

Here’s where things get really strange. I was playing around with the parameter value and I ended up inputting {{dc:post:meta key="_x_audio_mp3"}}:meta key="_x_audio_mp3"}}, and it worked! The component’s audio player returned the proper url and the audio player appeared. I did some playing around and found that if I add anything that ends in a } to the end of the string it works properly. So, what I currently have in the field is {{dc:post:meta key="_x_audio_mp3"}}} and it returns the expected value into the parameter field.

I’m guessing this is some kind of a bug introduced in the 6.5.x version, but it doesn’t take place in all settings. Any ideas what the issue is?

Hello @bobbybosler,

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