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I am trying to create my blog and posts pages, and ideally would like to have the posts on the left and a sidebar on right with ‘Recent Posts’ and ‘Archive’.

I’ve read a few threads on the forum, but can’t seem to figure out how to achieve this simple layout using cornerstone.

I currently have the page set up with the template ‘Content Left, Sidebar Right’ but they are stacked, and if possible I would like the page to not have the container or the automatic ‘Blog’ page title.

Any idea where I’m going wrong? Thanks

Hi @Harris88,

Thanks for writing in.

Links below that I will share, will help you understand more on how to modify your blog posts or blog index page.

Links below on how to modify your post page with sidebars

Hope it helps.

Let us know how it goes.


Hi Nico, Thanks for those links. I figured out how to get the sidebar to display but my posts aren’t being pulled into the index page. I’m not sure why. Any idea where I might be going wrong here? Thanks

Hi There @Harris88

Thanks for writing in! I see that you’re using Ethos stack. On Ethos stack, you need to check the settings under X -> Theme Options > Ethos which resolves your issue.

For detailed information, please refer (

Hope that helps.

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