Custom Product Gallery Looper Not Working in 6.5

I created this thread in May:Custom Product Gallery Looper w/ Featured Image about creating a custom gallery looper for a product layout.

I was advised that Twig would work in 6.5 Custom Attribute values. It did not work when I tested it today. Any idea why this might not be working? I’m just trying to offset my data-x-slide-goto by 2.

Here is the sample product I setup:

I would double check Twig is enabled in the Theme Options. And if that doesn’t help, if you could send me site credentials that could help us figure out what’s going wrong. Have a great day.

@charlie Thank you! I didn’t know I needed to enable Twig. Once I enabled it, it worked!

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Hi @OctoCog,

Glad to know that it is working now.