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  1. I have been looking for a good guide to create my own custom post type in Pro. I’ve read a lot of help topics but they all are only bits and pieces and all external help links are very old.

  2. I am also interested how “The Grid” plugin could be used as the post type for each post instead of the default wordpress/Pro post types.

  3. I’ve been told has no plans to rebuild the blog system so I wanted to use my child theme to do my own customization to suite my needs: I would like to have design control over how masonry posts look on my category pages, on a category by category basis…including the main blog roll.

  4. I am also interested in using The Grid plugin to accomplish question 3 above if possible. Right now I can create a page with any custom post template, grid, etc. but cannot change category pages. If I could remove the default masonry post display on a category page with a grid from The Grid plugin, then I believe that will accomplish what I need.

Thanks for any help!

Hello @clefler,

Thanks for asking.

To create custom post types, please take at following article:

For latter part of your question it will require some custom development which falls outside the scope of support we can offer. However, I can point you in right direction to help you get started. I suggest you to setup child theme for the same. You can take a look at following resource to get started.

Next, you can copy /x/framework/views/integrity/wp-index.php and x/framework/views/global/_index.php to child theme in the same order. After that you need to add the necessary PHP code to check for different category archives pages and display the corresponding The Grid shortcode. Same will require use of conditional tags. To help you get stated with the same I am sharing relevant resource, please take a look.

To get started with The Grid plugin, please take a look at following resources:

In case you are not comfortable with programming, you should get some professional help by getting in touch with a developer.

Thanks for understanding.

ok thanks

I am using Pro/Renew so the php file I need is the same but are in …/renew/…correct?

I am already using The Grid, a child theme, and customizations.

Thanks again

Hi there,

Yes, it should be the same which you can find in pro/framework/views/integrity/wp-index.php.

Hope this helps.

great thank you, I believe that covers 1 and 3 but not sure about number 2.

For question 2, could you provide the files that govern how blog pages work. For example, the main blog roll or a category page (mysite,com/category/posts-about-bunnies/). I am interested in both changing the css but also say I wanted to add something to the bottom of the page…like drop in a The Grid shortcode.

Hi There,

To archive that, please add the following code under functions.php file locates in your child theme:

add_action('x_after_view_global__index', 'x_print_after_blog');
function x_print_after_blog(){
	if( is_home() || is_archive() ){
		echo do_shortcode('[your-shortcode]');

The code above will print your shortcode at the end of your blog/category page only.

Let us know how it goes!

I put any shortcode there like a Global Block right?

Hi @clefler,

Yes, you can do that. But it may require adding it the same as above if you plan adding it as part of the templates.



One more question: If I just wanted to alter the css of the existing Pro/Renew masonry blog roll, where is that css? Is it best to use the child theme or just use the css editor in the theme options?

Hello There,

The css styling is located in the stack stylesheet file which we do not recommend that you alter it. What you can do is to override the default css with your own custom css which you can add in your child theme’s style.css file.

Hope this helps.

ok great thanks

You’re welcome.

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