Custom Portfolio Archive Page Issues [Layout Builder]


I’m using the Pro theme and Integrity stack. I want to override the default portfolio page with my custom portfolio “archive layout” that I’ve made in Layout Builder. I followed this tutorial ( but am having issues assigning this layout to the portfolio page. It keeps defaulting to the Integrity default.

Can I simply assign the layout I created? Or do I need to modify the .php files?


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Hello Jared,

The “Projects” page is a normal page using the “Layout Portfolio” page template. This means that you will have to create a custom single layout and assign this to the Projects page. As for your “[01] XEROS Project Portfolio”, please remove the Looper Provider, add a Pagination element and then assign it as your Portfolio archive layout or this condition:

The condition for the single layout would be:

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Thanks for your help. It’s working now!

You are most welcome.