Custom Menu/Header for translated site not appearing (Polylang)


I have a site in English (Cornerstone + Polylang).
This is the main language.
It has this menu/header on the homepage:

When I go to another page (for example ‘About’), the header looks like this:

IMAGE 2: (because I can only upload 1 image :expressionless:)

When I switch to dutch (Polylang), the menu on the homepage looks like this:


It’s the same layout, looks nice and it is translated.
But whenever I go the translated ‘About’ page (in this case ‘Over’), the menu looks like this:

It’s the default menu/header (i guess?) and not my custom made, translated header (like the 3rd screenshot).

All the settings are good aswel for the menu:


Why isn’t the custom made, translated header to be seen on all translated pages and only on the homepage?
Is there any solution to this problem?
On the site of Polylang the mentioned something about problems with AJAX. Could you also elaborate on this aswel?

I’m looking forward to a solution.

Thanks a lot!


Hi Alexander,

Thanks for reaching out.
It seems that you are facing an ongoing issue with the Polylang and our development team is still working on it. Alternatively, you can check the solution provided in the following thread.

Hope it helps.

I’ll check it out!! Thanks already

This works! It’s a good alternative solution :slight_smile:

Hey Alexandar,

We’re glad that it is working fine on your end.

Thank you.