Css global variable

tI am working on a website and I would like to know whether it is posible to use CSS Variables (Custom Properties) in x Theme.
For instance I set my variable like this:
:root {
–main: #ffd400;
–bk1: #f8f9fa;
–bk2: ##5C636E;
–black: #343e46;
–bxshadow: #888888;
and then reusie it my customize css such as:
.x-topbar {
background-color: var(–bk1);

But I can’t manage to use in the global setting of my Xtheme. That will be really handy to have so as If I decide to change my color of my theme I don’t have to go and change everywhere, if that make sense. Can we do that? or maybe this something we could release in a next version?


Hi Christophe,

Thank you for writing in, regretfully what you describe (Css global variable) is not really possible in CSS (maybe SCSS).

However, X and PRO have the Color Manager and Font Manager feature that works the same way as you describe but, only within the Theme.


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