Cs_use_jquery_everywhere isn't disabling jQuery?

Hi Charlie, On a simple website (The WP builders Fight club), I have JQuery disabled with this:

add_filter('cs_use_jquery_everywhere', '__return_false');

That used to do the trick, but now Webpagetest is telling me that these are being loaded.


Was the filter changed, or perhaps there is some other kind of issue? The only other plugin installed is ACF Pro.

Thank you!


jQuery ended up being a hard dependency of our WooCommerce integration. Which is why we had so many issues with the preview, mini cart, and recently the WooCommerce star rating which led to the fix. We will eventually split the WooCommerce JS up like we did the cs-sliders script. And then remove jQuery from our WooCommerce integration since it’s not really needed there. Then the filter will work again and we can look at adding theme options for scripts like jQuery. Have a great day.

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