CPT Relationships and Loopers/Dynamic Content

I’ve got a custom post type called Supplements which uses an ACF relationship filed that is linked to WP Users. For testing purposes, there is also a simple text field.

The Supplement CPT has some descriptive data, and a link.

When I try to dynamically display this data on a page called My Account the simple text field comes in and is populated as I expect, but the relationship field (supplement) does not display using {{dc:acf:user_field field=“supplement”}}

I can get it to display the post_id but it comes up blank for post_object

I’ve tried everything I know to get this to display but nothing seems to solve the dilema.

Hey @dabigcheeze,

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Hey @dabigcheeze,

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The {{dc:acf:user_field field="supplement"}} dynamic content will display the post ID. What you can do is have a Looper Provider Query String and use this query: post_type= supplements&p={{dc:acf:user_field field="supplement"}}. You can then display the Supplements description and link.

Hope this helps. Kindly let us know how it goes.

I set this up as directed, but it still does not return the results I am expecting. Sorry for the lack of access. The site blocks all non North American traffic. It has now been turned off. Can you check once more please?