Cornerstone User Privileges not working

Hi Charlie,

I’ve got an issue with Cornerstone settings for user access. I have a membership site where some of the members are also wordpress editors. This leaves the user with 2 user roles Editor and Active Member

if editor is given rights to edit in Cornerstone but Active Member is not… then the user cannot edit in cornerstone.

To me that feels the wrong way around, if a user roles grants a permission, another user role should not be able to take it away

I can provide links if need be but this is live site\

Thanks Scot

Interesting problem. I can take a deeper look next week on a fix.

Might sound weird, but if you click the “Toggle all Permissions” button on the role you don’t want to have the permissions.

And then press the power button to off. You should be able to get around this. Have a great weekend.

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Thank you @charlie I’ll try the temp fix to see if that makes a difference and look forward to the fix

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