Cornerstone: text over video element?

I’ve added a video (iframe from Vimeo) and would like to add content on top of it so it plays in the back ground. How would I go about doing this?


Instead of using video element, you need to set your video as background video to be able to do that.

Please note that the video source needs to be the direct url to your mp4 file


That’s what I was afraid of. That means I’ll need to host the video locally and suffer the download time?

HI there,

I frame usually contains its own players hence, it’s not recommended to use as background video. Plus, the background video is implemented as HTML5. And adding the video URL doesn’t mean you have to host it locally on your site. You can upload it somewhere and use its URL. And I think vimeo offers video URL, I think.


Thanks @Rad. Vimeo does allow for URLs but at the Pro level only ($240 / yr). I’ve shrunk the video down to only 5MB (only - hah!).

You’re always welcome!

If you shrunk the video and intend to host it locally, this article regarding performance might help you:

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