Cornerstone logging me out of WP

Hello - Thank you for your ongoing support. I have been using cornerstone to edit the pages on my site. In wordpress I recently set the site address url to a different url than the wordpress address url (since I want the site to have a new url which is different from where WP is installed.) Now when I click “edit with cornerstone” on a page it logs me out of WP and I cannot log back in on the page where I am attempting to open cornerstone. Can you please tell me if there is a way to fix this? Thank you very much.

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Please check your site url settings in Settings > General > Site URL. It must have the same settings as your WordPress dashboard. Would you mind providing us the url of your site with login credentials so we can take a closer look?

To do this, you can create a secure note with the following info:
– Link to your site
– WordPress Admin username / password

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Pointing out your site url from a different WordPress Address url will always result to any issue especially with Cornerstone. I would highly recommend that you install WordPress in the correct domain which means that site url and WordPress address url should always be the same. It does not matter if the WordPress address url is on a different folder as long as they are on the same domain.
For example:

site url :
WordPress address url :

Please let us know how it goes.

Thank you very much for your help and fast responses. Do you have a resource with instructions on how I can move my site to a wordpress install at a different url?

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Please see this knowledge base article:

You may use 3rd party plugins like:

Hope this helps.

This is very helpful. I have two more questions, please. I can use the theme x that i purchased already at the new url…is that correct? Also, I need to install WP at the new url, is that also correct? Thank you again for all of your help.

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You can use one license to validate two sites and that is the live site and the staging sites. Simply go to your license page and assign the license to a url. ​

Please review the changes that we made on how you are going to validated your X theme because we made a big change in the process. Please check it out here:

Hope this helps.

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