Cornerstone in post

Hi guys,

Is it possible to edit a post in cornerstone or it’s possible only for pages? I can only edit pages with cornerstone.

When I go to cornerstone it is saying that It’s not validated. I don’t know what’s up. Please Assist.

Thank you

Hi Rafal,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Yes you can edit posts in Cornerstone. It sounds like the Cornerstone is not enabled for your posts. To enable Cornerstone for posts, please navigate to X > Settings > General and click on Posts to enable the builder on posts (see screenshot)

To learn more about permissions please see

For the validation issue can you first please follow this guide

Let us know how this goes!

When I move cursor on X it doesn’t show any drop down menu so I click and it brings me to theme options and I see: Automatic Updates, Support, Demo Content, Themes Option Manager but There are no settings, posts etc.

Hi Rafal,

We meant the X menu on the left side in WordPress dashboard:


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