Cornerstone Element Options missing

Hi there, hoping you can help me with an issue, and answer a question. I’m working in X, and I just noticed that my headlines no longer have the options for sub headline set up, or the typing text. The ones I have set up already still function properly, but I can’t turn them on or off etc.

I have a separate question as well regarding the Creative CTA element.
As it goes right now, the text is displayed, and when you scroll over the element, it transitions to the icon. I’m wondering if this can be swapped, so the icon is displayed and the text appears when scrolled upon. And if so, how?



Hi Ken,

Thank you for reaching out to us. To see all element options you need to enable the Advanced Mode first. To turn on the Advanced Mode, first click on the cog icon in the settings area then enable the Advanced Mode option (see screenshots)

  • Currently there is no option to swap the transition of elements in Creative CTA element however you can do this with custom CSS and icon HTML markup. First give your Creative CTA element a unique class e.g reverse-animation

Then in the Text field add your icon HTML markup e.g:

<i class="x-icon-lightbulb-o" data-x-icon-o=""></i>

Now to add the actual text instead of an icon, add the following code in the Theme Options > CSS:

.reverse-animation .graphic i:before {
    content: 'Your Text Here';

This is just a workaround but it should do the trick. Hope this helps!

Great thanks, I appreciate it. I had advanced mode on previously, but it must have been disabled somehow. I’ve run into another issue.

I purchased another x-theme for another site, and I’m having trouble uploading the file. It’s telling me that cornerstone wont validate. Any idea what could be going on there?

Hello Ken,

Thanks for updating the thread.

In X Theme you don’t need to separately validate Cornerstone. Please make sure that you have installed and activated X Theme. Once you activate X Theme all that needs to be done is validate X Theme and Cornerstone will get automatically validated. Please take a look at following resource for more information:


I understand the process, and how everythign works, I’m just saying something went wrong. I downloaded the latest version, installed the theme, but it was missing cornerstone, or something along those lines. I deleted the entire wordpress installation, and started from scratch with an older version of the theme (6.4.6) and everything is working fine now. You may want to have a look at the current version, but who knows maybe I just downloading a dud? If that’s even possible. I’ve been using X for several years on many projects, and this is the first time I’ve had this kind of trouble.

Hi Ken,

I have tried installing the latest version in my test site and it works without issues.
The file might have been corrupted, try to download it again and install.
Cornerstone plugin should install automatically after you activated the theme.

If in any case it wasn’t installed automatically, you can get the plugin file in x/framework/
You can then go to the plugins page and install it manually.


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