Converting a very old site to X with a new look

I have four X licenses that I have used for new sites but I finally want to convert a 20-year-old site to X, using X only for a new front end with most of the old content unchanged behind the scenes and accessible via a few links. So I need a new license.

Since the old non-Wordpress site needs to stay active until the new one is ready my idea is to build a new site with a temporary domain name until I am ready to move the old domain name. My understanding is that I can use a copy of X without registering it until I have assigned the final domain name. Is that correct?

That sounds easier than registering with the temporary domain name and then moving the license

Hello @middlebass,

Thanks for writing in! Yes, you can use X theme in your staging or dev site. You can even validate it as long as you have assign the license code to the staging url. You can manage that in your APEX licenses page ( ​Please review the changes that we made on how you are going to validated your X theme because we made a big change in the process. You can check out this article:

Hope this helps.

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