Convert Plus Not Saving - JS Error


I have been trying to edit an existing and/or create a new Info Bar in ConvertPlus. However, i am unable to save any changes.

  • I have cleared all caches
  • Deactivated all plugins except for Convert Plus.
  • Switched to WP’s 2021 default theme.

The error still exists and I am getting the same issue on multiple websites.

Looking at Chrome’s console, I get the error in the below screenshot.

Uncaught The editor instance "title_editor" is already attached to the provided element.

Login details coming in a Secure Note.


Hi Christopher,

Thanks for reaching out.

We need a username and password when viewing the login URL, please update your secure note.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

Secure note has been updated.

Hello Christopher,

Thanks for sharing the credentials. I went ahead and checked your site dashboard. I confirm that it is a bug of Convert Plus plugin. I’ve submitted this to our issue tracker so the developers will be made aware of it.

Please bear with us.

Thanks for confirming Prakash. Hopefully a fix will be ready soon.

Many thanks,

following - having same issue

just came to say we have the same issue as well on Convert plus: Version 3.5.15

Hi guys,

This is a bug for WordPress 5.6 and Convert Plus 3.5.15 , this issue was already fixed with the latest version of Convert Plus 3.5.16 . Unfortunately, the current version we have for Convert Plus is 3.5.15 . Please wait for our updates for Convert Plus or you can downgrade to WordPress to 5.5 using this plugin. You can check for more info about the changelog for Convert Plus here.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

Hi Everyone!

I’ve installed the lasted Convert Plus update: now I’m not able to make edits to the text box for the modal popup. Only the title is available for editing.

Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a fix?

Many thanks for any help and/or suggestions.

Hello @jwareconsulting,

Thanks for writing to us.

Sorry for your inconvenience, it might be the issue of cache or any plugin conflict. I would like to suggest you troubleshoot with the few common issue. If it doesn’t work for you, please open a new thread with your details description about the issue you are having at the moment. Please share your credentials in the secure note as well in the new thread so that we can investigate your settings.


Hello. Just to check. In the ‘early’ days we were not suppose to update the plugins using the standard worpdress way, when we have installed the plugin like Convert Plus via Theme X. Is this still the case? (because I just updated Cornerstone through the ‘normal’ way).

I can see that Convert Plus has an update for 3.5.16. Could you clarify? (I couldn’t find the word update in this documentation

Hello @amaravati,

As you have given screenshot there is an option to update the plugin called “Update Now” button. You can click there on "Update now " button to update the plugin.

In case if it is not working, I would suggest you deactivate and delete the plugin and reinstall the plugin from X/Pro—>Validation—>Scroll down to extension —> ConvertPlus.


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