Content area modal disappears on click

Original title: CF7 Form within content area modal disappears on click
Update reason: after further testing, I see that no matter what I put within the modal, it goes away as soon as I click anywhere on the modal. Even blank modal, just as it is before any customization. Click and bye :frowning:

Hi team,
I am a PRO user; I read through but found nothing precise for my issue…
My issue: on a page, where I have some agenda items with a button next, this “button” is the toggle which opens the modal content, consisting in the CF7 shortcode for registering to that given agenda item.
Everything looks nice and smooth on PRO, but in frontend -as soon as I click anywhere on the form- the form just vanishes as if I pressed the close button (“X”).
That is not possible as the close “button” is far from the form, top-right corner.
I do need some urgent support with this, as I am on tight deadlines.
Thank you!

Hello Ricard,

Thanks for writing to us.

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