Conerstone is not validated

Hi. I bought the x theme yesterday. I know that conerstone is included in x theme. But when I put my x theme license code in WordPress and enter it, conerstone is not validated. How do I validate a conerstone?

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As you mentioned Cornerstone is included with X, similarly there is no need for separate validation for the cornerstone.
If you have validated the theme no need to install or validate cornerstone separately.
Please check validation guide for clarification

If you still facing the issue, please send us your website details so that we can have a look.

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Take a look at the pictures I captured on the screen.

Why does the screen ask for the validation of conerstone, even though conerstone is included in the x theme? Is it possible to use the function of conerstone without problems even if i do not validate conerstone?

Look at one more picture to help you understand.

After installing the theme, there is still a message in the notification board that says to validate the conerstone.

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Seems you have already installed Cornerstone before installing the theme and your theme is not active.
Please delete cornerstone from plugin directory and activate the theme. After that Click on Dashboard -> X -> Validation, the cornerstone will install automatically and wouldn’t show error.

If that doesn’t help please remove Theme and cornerstone and reinstall the only theme and active it.

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