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I am using two columns to display an image, text, and a modal button - you can see the two profiles on the page linked above. The content does not fill the parent containers - any idea why?

I have attached screen grabs of the Row and Column settings as I suspect I am missing something here.


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Hello Spencer,

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It seems that you have set the Global container as “Off” for the Row settings. I would suggest you go to the Cornerstone page builder —>Row—>Global Container—>Set as “ON”


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Thanks for getting back. I had tried that but I then lose the 1200px max-width on the row:

Should I be adding the width to another element instead of the row?

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Hi Spencer,

Your inner ROW is set to be a 2/3 + 1/3 layout, which should be set as a 1 column layout since you already set the parent ROW to be a 1/2 + 1/2 layout.

See this screenshot, the red highlight is the inner row you can see the ghost 1/3 on the right of the profile, that is why the profile does not take up the entire parent 1/2 column.

Hope that shed some lights,

Oh yes, I created that nested row to hold the title / job name on the left and a modal button on the right. The row is going to eventually be positioned over the bottom part of the image. Please see the attached pic.

Is nesting not the correct way to do this? Or do I also need to nest the image as well? I am wondering how this would work using CSS to reposition the bottom row?

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Hi Spencer,

There is no problem with the Nested row, but it is divided into 2 columns that are mentioned by my colleague. You should use the Inner Row as the Nested row and set it with a single column that takes the full width of the row.
I have created a similar structure in my local environment for example, please find the screenshot below.

Hope it helps.

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