Color selector in content docks settings are out of order

I checked the guide how to setup content docks. In the guide it says I should find color selectors.

In my admin section I find no selectors. It is blank fields only. I assume I have some errors on my site.


Hi There,

Sorry that you’re having this issue, this is actually a bug on latest Content Dock in Pro. Fix is underway and It will be available soon through Content Dock update. Stay tuned.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hi Support,

Has there been any new developments with this issue on the Content Dock settings page? The biggest issue for me is the fact that you cannot select specific pages to display the dock on.

Do you have any idea of when an update/fix for this will be available?


Hi @Glasseye,

Thanks for writing around! Please update your Content Dock extension to the latest version first, you can check the version numbers here or here then you can compare them to what’s installed on your site and update accordingly. To update extensions, simply go to plugins section, remove the extension first and then via extensions section, re-install it.

To select specific pages, you first need to uncheck Active for all pages option and then you’ll be able to select specific pages that you want the content dock to appear on (see screenshot)