Collapsing content like accordion

hi there,

is it possible to open content with aclick like an accordion?
this is an example how it should look when closed:

if i click anywher on that it should open like this:

just like content in a accordion. can this be made in x pro? or a plugin?

thanks in advance

Hi Harald,

Thank you for reaching out to us. You can simply use the V2 Accordion element in Cornerstone to achieve the similar functionality

The V2 elements are highly customizable so you can change the design of the accordion element completely. Here’s a guide that you can follow to use accordion element

Hope this helps!


thanks for your answer but i think its not possible with the accordion element?
how can i make a background image? how can i make a block in the middle?
how can i create the content? with an image and text and links? is this possible with 2 columns alos?

it would be better to make a section with the builder and then collapse it.
i found a code in the old forum:

i hope this works in the newer versions too? is there a plan to make a collapsing content element that can be filled with the builder(other elements)?

or is there a other way to to this?

thanks again


You can use shortcodes or html codes in your accordion element content.

For example for the image you can use this.

For links

For text

For Headings

Hope this helps

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