Changing License to Diff Account


I have had a site under one of my licenses and now I’m handing it off to another person who has purchased their own license. How do we change the license in WordPress?

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You can go to Licenses page of your Themeco account and remove the URL of the website which is already assigned there and make that input box blank like this:

Then go to the WordPress installation and access X > Overview page. At the right section of the screen click on the Revoke Validation link:

Then follow the same steps you would do to validate a website using the purchase key of the customer:

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To resolve your issue, simply go to X/Pro > Overview and find the Revoke Validation link.

Once revoke, the other person can now insert his own license provided that the license is already assign to the domain that he is currently validating. For further details how to properly validate the theme, please check it here:

As your license has been revoke already, you can go to your licenses page ( and re assign it so that you can use it in another domain.

Hope this helps.

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