Changing font of buttons

Hi there,

I am trying to change the font of buttons from Open Sans (the body font) to Oswald Heavy (the headline font) to be in line with the button "Book in Person. As per your recommendations to other posts here and this one, it needs to be changed in “style” under Customise. I can’t find the “inline style” in Button element. I am not sure which CSS code needs to be changed to take effect.

Thank you.

Hi There @Symbiosis

Thanks for writing in! If you’re using V2 button elements in Cornerstone, you can set font family under Primary Text Format section.

Basically, you need to add your preferred fonts into the Font Manager first and then you can select those fonts inside your button’s font family option. You can refer to our detailed guide on Font Manager here (

If you’re referring to a classic button,

You can see those inline CSS options when you scroll down to the bottom of the button options.

Hope that helps.

Thanks. Changing the font on the primary text works well.

Glad to hear that. :slight_smile:

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