Changing domain name, revalidating license


I changed my domain name (from to before I could revoke my X theme licence.

Now it seems my license is not valid.

How do I go about transfering my license to the new domian name? I read the help article but I can’t seem to revoke my license and I tried changing the sites in Apex but it does not work.

When I tried to validate the product code, the web page just goes blank with no error messages

I have already read this but it does not help

I am running a old version of themeX 5.2.5.

I cannot auto upate as it is not validated.

I tried to do a manual install by downloading the file from themeforest but it says the directory already exist and installation failed…

Hi Keehian,

You need to update your theme manually using FTP.

Please check Manual Updates section on the link below.

Hope that helps


thanks. I manage to manually install my x-theme.

I have not change my webhost but only my domain name. I noticed all the image links are broken. Is there a simple way to batch replace all the references to my old domain name to the new name?

Hi Keehian,

You may use the Better Search Replace plugin to search for the previous domain occurrence throughout the site and replace it with the new domain.

Please search for: and replace it with and
http:\/\/ and replace it with http:\/\/

Kindly make sure to keep a backup of your database before making any changes.

Hope this helps.

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