Change settings for headlines

Hi there,

I’ve looked through the customizer but can’t find a way of adjusting the way my headlines look.

On this page for example, my h1-headline is super cramped together and not big enough, and my h2-headlines are way too big.

How can I chage the setting so fro this?


Hi There,

Thanks for asking!

The H1 tag font size are mentioned in theme CSS , H2 content heading size you can set in editor.

Hope this clear!


Hi, thanks.

A follow up question - how can I change the typeface of the headings? When I create new pages and edit them in Cornerstone I can only choose from 3 fonts for my headings. I tried to change this in the options section but here I see only 3 choices as well. I want to use Lato for my headings, how can I fix that please?

Thanks, Sofia

Hi There,

Please follow this guide to utilize fonts accordingly (


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