Change Logo Font in Theme Options

hey there,

i would like to edit the font of my logo text at the very top of my site. i checked theme options-header-logo font but i can not change anything here. see screenshot.

i have changed it before in under appearance-customise-header-logo text but not even that is working anymore. i am using the integrity stack.

I need to make changes to logo font and my navbar font.

Hello @joziguy,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Please create a Font template from Font manager and then assign the template to change logo font. To help you get started, you can refer below article:


hey, that’s what i did. i created templates for my body text, for headings and for the site title. but once i go to theme options-typography i can’t choose anything else but “inherit” (please see screenshot.)

before i had “enable font manager” in the typography tab switched off and it worked. then i had to enable it and all the fonts look completely different now. it’s very frustrating.

Hi There,

Please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.

In the meantime please confirm that you are fully updated? (Theme and Plugins)

You can find the latest version numbers here: ( Then you can compare them to what’s installed on your site.

If you find anything to be out of date, you can review our update guide.


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