Change language of Facebook Comments Plugin


How can I change language of Facebook Comments Plugin ? It is in english by default and I’d like it to be in French. I couldn’t find any info on how to do it.



Hello Antoine,

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You can refer following post to get started with translation:

You can also take advantage of plugin to handle the translation of your site. WPML or Polylang may help you in these setup. Using a plugin enables you to easily manage every keyword in your site.



Thanks for your response. Using a translation plugin for such a small language problem seems to me not to be the right solution. We are talking about a FACEBOOK plugin and there must be a way to change the language setting direcly in the plugin, probably by changing a line of code in of the file. I found one user of the Theme (see this topic) saying he manages to solve the problem:

Yeah, ive changed a line of code in the plugin. Exactly:
/functions/output.php >> line 59 >> js.src = “//”;

I did however not manage to do the same as the code seems to be different in my file (strange, I know).

I also found another solution in this topic of the forum. But it did not work either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as there must be a way to make it works in other language than english.


Hi There,

Please check the following:
For language:
See this:

Change this es_LA to your preferred language.
On line 59 of output.php from this file wp-content\plugins\tco-facebook-comments\functions:
js.src = "//'.$tco_fb_locale.'/sdk.js";
To this:
js.src = "//";
Just note that this fixed is not update proof and any issue from this customization is outside the scope of our support. Thank you for understanding.

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