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Hi Themeco team,

I’m wondering if you can help me with a few queries on this page >

  1. I want to change the font of titles e.g. “Love Notes for Honesty…” how’s best to do this? and have it apply just for this page?

  2. How can I change the styling of the button you see in the top section? I want the dark green on the bottom to be a darker grey. I believe this is inheriting my site wide setting - but I can’t seem to find this.

  3. I’m trying to get a MailChimp pop-up form to open with a click from the bottom in section 1, I’ve found the code below which I’ve loaded to this page (with replacements for the “…” from my MailChimp account), however it’s not working. Any pointers?



Hello Cheryl,

Thanks for writing in!

1.) Please go to the Font Manager and add the font that you want to use for the text. Edit the page and in the headline element settings for the “Love Notes for Honesty…” find the “Text Format” option so that you can apply the font.

To know more about the Font Manager, please check this knowledge base article:

2.) Insert a content area modal in your bottom section. The Mailchimp code should be added in the modal content so that as soon as you toggle the icon or button text, the modal will open with the mailchimp form in it.

3.) You are using a classic button element. I would recommend that you replace it with the v2 button element so that you can easily style the button by just tweaking the button element settings.

Hope this makes sense.

Hey Rue,

Thank you for your help!

  1. I’ve selected this font as YellowTail but when I select for the page - the font changes - but not to Yellowtail, see here > it seems to do this for whatever font I select. Can you help? Why is this happening?

  2. Sorted - thanks!

  3. Not 100% sure I followed this. I used a content area model which displayed as a white circular button. I added the script as below (share in private box) and then this white box appears >

Hi Cheryl,

  1. I checked and I don’t see the font you’re referring, it’s still set as inherit, in which inheriting the Lato font. Would you mind providing your admin login credentials in the secure note?

  1. May I know which button? I also recommend the bundled plugin ConvertPlus as your modal popup for Mailchimp. Please check this, as for the button as trigger, you can check the are from that article related this screenshot

Your code copied from Mailchimp may not fully-work on modal since it has to submit and reload the entire page and it has no direct integration to modal area.


  1. Sure, I’ll share just below.

  2. Ah - I stopped using this a year ago as it causes a huge surge of CPU executions and kept breaking my site :frowning: I let a member of your team know but there wasn’t a resolution. I think I’ll just have this redirect to a pop-up form.

A while back I also had to stop using the Mailchimp Themeco integration as it didn’t communicate properly with Mailchimp - something to do with Mailchimp no longer accepting an old API? which the Themeco integration was still on…

How do I find font manager? I need to change the headings font for my entire site how can I do that?

PS: I found! :slight_smile:

Hello Cheryl,

Thanks for the updates.

1.) Yellowtail is now assigned and applied on the front end or live view of the page.

3.) I have added a content area modal next to your button. It is no longer circle because I set the width and height to auto and then I enabled the text set up. All of these can be found in the Toggle tab.

I made a few changes so you can continue and add your MailChimp form code. The button still needs a bit of styling though to make it look like the same as your button styles.

Hope this helps.

Hey @LucyKeile,

It’s good to know that you have found out the Font Manager.
Just in case you needed more information, our knowledge base is a great resource:

Best Regards.

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